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Dangan Ronpa Hard Enamel Pins

Dangan Ronpa Hard Enamel Pins

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Danganronpa Hard Enamels

9/30/20 - Updated with some new pin design additions!!
Added pins Naegi, Kirigiri, Ibuki, Tsumiki, Gundham, and Kibou!!


Features various Danganronpa characters from 1, 2 and V3! Art done by Sasu-hime.

Comes in 1.75"- 2" rose gold and silver plating with a rubber clutch. DR boys come in silver plating and DR girls come in rose gold plating. Those with the exception of this would be Chihiro coming in rose gold plating and Kirigiri coming in silver plating.

If you purchase 2+ pins, please specify your characters of choice in the notes! (ex. I would like the Nagito, Hajime, and Chiaki pins please! :) )

*Note: Ibuki and Tsumiki may appear slightly bigger than all other characters' heads due to their hair being a little larger. Colors may also differ due to lighting/printing from different manufacturer.

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